Ministry unveils new reimbursement lists

The Health Ministry on 19 August published for consultation a draft update of the reimbursement lists, due to take effect on 1 September.

Under the proposal, 23 new products (EAN codes) are to be added to the pharmacy list, including, for the first time, a product based on zoledronic acid for patients with advanced hormone-resistant prostate cancer. Furthermore, new indications were approved for insulin glargine (two EAN codes), a long-acting insulin analogue, in response to calls from patient groups and diabetic experts. Also, 12 products (seven active ingredients) will be removed from the list at the request of their manufacturers. All have reimbursed equivalents.

The ministry has negotiated reductions of the official selling prices of 47 products involving 20 active ingredients, of between PLN 35.56 (€8.38) and PLN 0.1. At the same time, the official prices of five products involving three active ingredients were raised by between PLN 4.3 (€1) and PLN 11.23 (€2.65).

Patient co-payment is to decrease for 324 products, by between 1 gr and PLN 37.01 (€8.72), and to increase for 298 products, by between 1 gr and PLN 37.69 (€8.88).

The gross retail price of 399 products is to be reduced, by between 1 gr and PLN 39.57 (€9.32), while the price of 217 products will increase, by between 1 gr and PLN 11.91 (€2.81).

As for the chemotherapy and drug programmes list, products based on gemcitabine (22 EAN codes) will be reimbursed for the first time, as will one medicine based on zoledronic acid, while the list of reimbursed medicines containing idarubicine and temozolomide will be expanded to include new items (two and six new EAN codes, respectively), among other changes.